Our UNspilt Story

Hello and welcome!
I’m so glad you’re here.

As a solopreneur and life-long adventurer, I’m delighted to introduce you to The UNspilt®, the world’s most revolutionary on-the-go drink holder! 

Do you love sipping your favorite beverage, enjoying time with your family and friends, and getting outside? 

Are you tired of warm water bottles, clumsy carbineers, and spilling your drinks while on the go? Me too!

My name is Leah Jean and I’m an outdoor nut with a love for craft beer. I wanted a way to enjoy both at the same time, even in class III rapids. And that’s how The UNspilt® was born – out of a love for the things I enjoy and want other people to enjoy too.

The Backstory

Rewind back to 2015…  It was mid-July. It was hot. Fry-an-egg-on-the-hood-of-your-car hot. I was getting ready for a nine-day float trip in the desert.  My friends and I needed some way to bring hydrating beverages along for the ride.  We wanted them super insulated. We wanted them secure. And we wanted them easy-to-access.  Is that too much to ask?

Well apparently, it was a tall order.  I searched high and low, tried everything on the market, but never found anything that actually worked.  So, I made it my personal goal to create the solution!

It turns out that SUP’ers aren’t the only people with an unfulfilled need to stay hydrated while on the go.  Rafters, fishermen, golfers, kayakers, canoers, hikers, snowboarders, and even those on riding lawn mowers – all suffered from “beverage insecurity” and were (literally) thirsting for a solution.

The first prototype was pieced together from parts at a hardware store.  It wasn’t pretty, and yes, it involved some duct tape…but it worked!  Over the next 7 years, and after hundreds of field tests, I teamed up with a couple of brilliant engineers to perfect the design and make the dream a reality.  I am forever grateful for their support and big brains throughout the process!

The Present

The UNspilt® is a small local business. My husband and I personally hand build every single UNspilt®. Yup, you read that correctly, each and every one of them! So, you can rest assured your new UNspilt® is rugged, high quality, and ready for your adventure of choice. I guarantee it. Whether you’re chillin’ by the campfire or pounding through rapids, now you can enjoy a frosty beverage anywhere!

If you have questions or feedback… please feel free to contact me directly: leahjean@theUNspilt.com I love nothing more than hearing from fellow adventurers and helping resolve any issues.

Giving Back

We’re head over heels in love with nature, the outdoors, and free flowing water systems!  So… a portion of all proceeds are donated to the nonprofit organization, American Rivers, to help protect healthy river ecosystems, restore life to damaged rivers, and conserve clean water for our communities.

“Life needs rivers.  And, right now, river need you.”

What Next?

You can find The UNspilt® at local shops throughout Colorado and Utah, or conveniently order online.

If you’d like to carry The UNspilt® at your store… I’d love to work with you!  Click here for wholesale info

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